Size Charts & Measurement Instructions

Measuring Dog Collars & Belts

Our dog collars and belts are measured from the end of the strap to the first and last holes. When measuring your current collar or belt, do not include the buckle in the measurement.

Our dog collars all have an extra inch or two of space at the end of the length so you can add additional holes for more length if needed. As you can see in the image below, there is room for at least one more hole at the end of this specific collar.

How Delfina Saddlery measures its dog collars

Dog Collar Size Chart

 Size Length - Inches
Small 10.5" - 12"
Medium 12" - 14"
Large 14" - 17"
Extra Large 17" - 20"
Extra Extra Large 20" - 24"
Extra Extra Extra Large 24" - 28"

Belt Size Chart

 Size Length - Inches
Small 25" - 32"
Medium 37" - 43"
Large 37" - 48"



We measure our girths from one end of the buckle to the other end of the buckle. Most of our girth's base extends several inches beyond the buckles so your horse's delicate skin doesn't get pinched under the buckle. In most cases, the length of this extension is noted on the product page. However, if the girth you are interested in does not include this measurement, and you want to make sure it will fit your horse and tack correctly prior to purchase, just drop us a line and we'll send you detailed measurements.

Bridles & Bridle Parts







Measure your horse's current browband on a flat surface, from one outside end of the tabs to the other. Do not pull the browband straight or you could throw your measurement off. If you currently have a shaped browband, don't try to measure the actual length of the browband by following each curved section - just lay it flat and measure straight across the top from tab to tab.

If you do not have a current browband, bridle your horse and measure from the outside edge of the crownpiece about 1" below the ear, across the horse's forehead, and to the other outside edge of the crownpiece, about 1" below the ear. That number is your horse's browband measurement.

Your horse's browband should sit flat across the brow of your horse's face, approximately 1" below the base of the ears. 

If the browband is sized too short for your horse, it may pull the bridle forward and push the crown against the back of the ears. If the browband is too long, it could sag or slip or slide down into the horse's eyes as it works. Both issues can cause resistance and headshaking in a ridden horse.

Our Dutch drop, V, or wave style browbands look great when fitted correctly, but these styles should never drop more than 2"above the eye line, or they could drop down into your horse's eye socket and again, could cause resistance and headshaking in the ridden horse. In general, our browbands don't drop more than 2" from the loops, but our more dramatic U style browbands drop about 3 1/4". Be sure to take accurate measurements of your horse's current bridle to ensure the bottom of our U style does not come within 2" of your horse's eye line. Be sure you measure your horse carefully and correctly, and if you have any questions about one of our browbands prior to purchase, don't be afraid to send us an email! We love answering any and all questions. 

Bradoon Hangers

Bradoon hangers are measured from the end of one bit loop to the other.

Size Length
Pony 36" - 41"
Cob 40" - 45"
Horse 45.5" - 51.5"
Oversize 54" - 62.5"