Consignment Tack and Trial Policies


PLEASE NOTE - Delfina Saddlery's trial terms are binding and non-negotiable. Buyers MUST follow the trial policy in order to be refunded should the tack not work for you. You will NOT receive a refund if the shipping instructions and timelines below are not strictly adhered to.

Commission Rates

If you have a saddle or other piece of tack you'd like to consign with Delfina Saddlery, please email us photos (including the stamp if it's a saddle) at

We do not accept trade-ins.

Our consignment rates are as follows:

Selling Price Commission Rate
 >$1000 25%
$500 - $999 30%
<$500 15%





Once we've agreed to take your tack and it has arrived at our shop, we will perform a complete safety and integrity check of your saddle, to be certain that there are no safety issues, defects, twists or breaks in the tree, billets, etc. 

In the event that your saddle has a  problem that can be fixed to make it usable again, we will email you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If you do not wish to have the repair done, if the tree is broken or if the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you at your expense. You are welcome to email us for a repair quote first if you know your saddle will need repairing.



The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it. We highly recommend that you pay for a professional detailing of your saddle. Detailing your saddle includes a full cleaning, deep conditioning, dying of the leather back to its original color (if necessary), and minor repairs. The cost for us to do the detailing for you varies, but can cost between $60 - $150+, depending on what is needed. We prefer to quote you a cost for detailing work prior to you shipping your saddle to us, so be sure when sending us photos of your saddle you include close-ups of any trouble areas next to a ruler so we have a better idea of the scale of any repairs. You will be expected to pay for detailing & repairs prior to us performing the detailing or repairs. And if, after detailing your saddle, the leather is still too stiff, dry, or cracked, or the saddle is in otherwise unsafe condition, Delfina Saddlery reserves the right to refuse your saddle for consignment. We will ship your saddle back to you, at your cost.


Trial Policy

Consignment saddles purchased through Delfina Saddlery comes with a trial policy so you can ensure the correct fit for you and your horse. At the time of your order, you will be charged the full price of the item.  The purchase price of the item will be refunded to you provided you follow the timeline and shipping rules below:

Length of trial is five days.

These days are calculated as the date of delivery plus four additional calendar days (Monday - Sunday).

Extensions of the trial period may be granted, provided you contact Delfina Saddlery's support team ( as soon as you realize you'll need additional time.  



A signature will be required for delivery.  Please make sure you choose a shipping address where someone will be available to sign.  The package can be held at your local post office if requested. Be sure to contact Delfina Saddlery's support team ( to arrange this immediately after purchase.

If USPS attempts delivery and no one is there to sign for the package, your trial will begin the following business day - regardless of whether you pick the package up from the post office or not.  It is your responsibility to pick up the package from your closest USPS access point or arrange for delivery after that point.

Deadline for initiating the item's return shipping is no later than one (1) additional business day after your trial period ends, which is at the end of the fifth day OR the day you give notice that you will be returning, whichever occurs first. You MUST communicate with us ( that you are returning the item within the time allowed for your trial, or the sale will be considered final.

When test riding saddles:

  • We recommend you wrap your stirrup leathers in vetwrap, polos, or track wraps in order to protect the saddle flaps from damage due to the leathers rubbing while you are riding in the saddle.
  • Be sure you have pulled any and all billet guards completely down over the girth buckles prior to mounting to avoid damaging the underside of the flaps.
  • Do not test ride a saddle in jeans or full-seat leather breeches. We strongly recommend test riding in knee patch breeches or silicone full-seat breeches.
  • Be sure you clean the saddle thoroughly prior to returning it. There should be no dust or debris in any of the nooks or crannies. Failure to do so will result in saddle detailing charges being assessed.
  • Prior to using any product on the leather, ensure it will not change the appearance of the leather (ie; darken it) by testing in an inconspicuous area (under the skirt, or under the sweat flaps, in the gullet, etc. We strongly recommend you use a bar of glycerin saddle soap, the yellow saddle soap in a tin or Leder-Combi liquid cleaner. We strongly recommend using a conditioner either from the saddle's manufacturer (ie; Devoucoux's balm on a Devoucoux), or a light layer of Leder-Balsam which should not permanently affect the leather color or cause damage to the leather (but again, be sure you check on an inconspicuous area first).
  • If your saddle has suede, or flesh-side buffalo hide (which has a suede-like feel), do not apply any cleaning product to these areas!!! You may ONLY use a silicone suede brush to clean these areas.
  • If you are prone to sweating while riding or the weather is hot, you may want to consider putting a seat-saver of some kind on the saddle's seat to protect it from any staining.
  • If it is raining or wet out, please do not test-ride a saddle. If you absolutely must, be sure you use a waterproof saddle cover to protect the saddle from staining. If it is scheduled to rain every day of your trial and you do not have a covered arena available to you, please email us at to discuss options. In extreme cases, and at our discretion, Delfina Saddlery may grant you additional days for your trial.

 If your test ride saddle is returned broken or damaged in any way, you will not be eligible for a refund.

If your test ride saddle returns and requires an outside repair specialist, whatever rate that person charges will be subtracted from your refund, which will be delayed until all repairs are complete. Delfina Saddlery will do their best to find a repair specialist who can perform the work satisfactorily at a fair rate. Additionally, if the overall value of the saddle decreases due to this damage and repair work, you will be billed for the difference in the saddle's value. For example, if your horse chewed on the pommel of the saddle, and the overall value of the saddle drops from $4,000 to $3,500, you will be billed $500.

If your test ride saddle is returned dirty, you will be charged for Delfina Saddlery to detail the saddle. The cost of detailing the saddle varies, but can cost between $60 - $150+, depending on what is required.


Pre-Shipment Checklist

Before shipping or delivering any of our consignment tack, extensive photographs and video from every angle and of every part of the item are taken. If there is any discrepancy between the tack you return to us and the photographs we took at the time of initial shipment, we will deduct the cost to repair the damage from your deposit. If the damage is irreparable, we will deduct a fine of no less than $100 up to the amount we will have to deduct from the asking price of the item due to this damage.

Please note - UPS does NOT guarantee any of their expedited shipping services.  If an expedited shipping option is selected and the package does not arrive in the specified time frame, a refund cannot be guaranteed.

Return Instructions

Use USPS Priority Mail with insurance (the same method we use to send the item to you) to ship the item back if you will be returning it.

If you require assistance purchasing the proper USPS Priority Mail label, please reach out to our support team (

Please email the tracking number as soon as you ship to us at

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs to return the tack. There is a restocking fee of 3% of the tack's sale price, simply to cover the processing fees we incur, which will be deducted from the return once the tack is received. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

If the tack does not arrive back to Delfina Saddlery within 5 business days via USPS from the end of your trial period (which is at the end of the fifth day OR the day you give notice that you will be returning, whichever occurs first) there will be an additional $150 deduction from your refund - unless shipment is delayed due to USPS.

If the tack is not received within 7 total days after the end of your trial period, which is at the end of the fifth day OR the day you gave notice that you will be returning the saddle - whichever occurs first - the package will be refused and the post office will return it to you, which will result in a final sale.

If you have special circumstances (stormy weather, only ride on weekends, etc.), let us know any time before your trial period expires and we may consider adjusting your trial length accordingly. Trial length adjustment is not guaranteed and will be on a case by case basis.


Consignment Tack Guarantee

Consignment (used) tack is sold as-is. The trial period serves as your opportunity to inspect and test ride the tack. You are welcome to have your trainer and/or saddler inspect the tack.  Used items are not guaranteed to be free of wear or damage.  Delfina Saddlery is not a manufacturer, and therefore cannot offer a guarantee on items.  NO refunds will be offered as a result of any saddler or trainer inspections made after the trial period has ended.  We are not responsible for any suitability or condition issues brought to your attention after the trial period ends. Used tack is sold AS IS.  

A note about specialty leathers - serial number stamps do not indicate leather type.  The only way to verify 100% is to run the serial number (if available) through the manufacturer's system.  Delfina Saddlery advertises specific specialty leathers based on the owner's statements, invoices provided with the saddle at drop-off, or based on our best guesses/opinions, but this cannot be guaranteed.  Delfina Saddlery is not responsible for discrepancies in leather type discovered after the trial period has ended. Restocking fees will still apply if discrepancies in leather type are found within the trial time frame.


If we arrange to hold a consignment item with a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in advance.

If a consignment item is purchased and the buyer needs to cancel the order before it has been shipped, there will be a $100 non-refundable charge deducted from the purchase price to cover processing fees assessed by credit card processors.

Failure to comply with Delfina Saddlery's trial policy will result in a final sale of the consignment item.  Consignment tack is not eligible for a refund or exchange if the trial policy or any other trial or shop policies are violated.